Additional Options For Your Custom Shed

More Options + Fewer Limitations = Best Solution for your needs

At The Shed Depot of NC, we believe in helping our customers design the best shed for their unique needs.  Therefore, we let customers choose “a la carte” the best features, options and layouts for their needs rather than standardizing “packages” that limit design flexibility and include additional costs for options the customer may not need.

How we do it:

  • Knowledgeable sales professionals who strive to understand your needs and know our products and capabilities
  • Small, local production team focused on your shed rather than the volume of sheds constructed.

Our most common options are shown below but we can also accommodate unique requests as shown in images on our “Custom Idea Gallery”.

  • Standard/Craftsman Series 6’x8′ Corner porch or 6’x12′ end porch:
    • Smart Panel or Lap
    • Vinyl
    • Hardie
  • Monster Series 6’x8′ Corner porch or 6’x12′ end porch:
    • Smart Panel or Lap
    • Vinyl
    • Hardie
  • Porch Railings (Unpainted or Painted)
Aluminum Windows
24” x 36” White window
Standard Double Wood Doors
  • 24″ x 36″ Aluminum ( White or Brown )
  • 24″ x 36″ Vinyl (White Only)
  • 32″x 36″ Vinyl (White Only)
  • 24″ Flower Box
  • Octagon Window
  • 10″x 23″ Transom Windows
  • 10″x 60″ Transom Windows
  • Shutters (Raised Panel or Louvered) 
    **Shutter sizes and styles may be limited
24” x 36” Dark Brown window
Additional Single wood door
Vinyl Window
(24″ x 36″ & 32” x 38” White only)
shown with Shutters

Raised Panel or Louvered
Various colors available

Wood Door with transom windows
Metal Roof
Various colors available
4’ Loft
24” Stacker Shelves (3)
Corner porch on Monster building
Custom color
Any size building
End porch on standard building
Cedar Stain
Any Size Building
Painted porch railings
Gable end overhang
9’ x 7’ Rollup Door
Roof dormer with transom windows
(only available on steep pitch building)
8’ x 7’ Coil door
Side gable w/ octagon window
Double fiberglass slab doors
Standard Ramp (5×6 or 6×6)
Garage door ramp (8×6 or 9×6)
36” x 74” Home Grade Fiberglass Door
9 Lite Home Grade Fiberglass Door