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How to make a shed that looks like more than just an average shed, so it can be a key component of a new garden space?  This garden space will be constantly evolving with new fencing, trellises with climbing roses, and arbors.  The shed would be part of a lifestyle, but would also need to be functional by including a potting bench for starting new plants and storage space for garden tools and accessories.


The 10’x16’ Steep Pitch Series, with 7’ sidewalls & 9/12 roof pitch (12’ total height to peak) was the starting point for a unique, functional, and spacious garden shed.  After a site visit, several design drawing drafts, and many emails for added ideas and features, we were able to develop a truly one of a kind garden shed that would add to the garden space and also be functional for everyday use.  The cost was within budget as well!

Design Process:

The customer first visited our Retail Dealer at Climax General Store and inquired about either a larger playhouse or a shed with a “lean-to” porch added so there would a place to run under during spring and summer rain showers.  The dealer collected the customer’s contact information and passed it along to General Manager Josh Payne for a custom consultation.  It was a good thing she did, because this building included several design elements we had not done before.  The first step was to exchange pictures and drawings of the 2 different style options including features and benefits of each style and rough price estimates.  We decided on a Steep Pitch Series 10’x16’ with a 10’x6’ porch, 10’x10’ interior and a 6’x24” potting bench.  This design was similar to a “large playhouse” but with full-size walls.  After choosing the style, General Manager Josh Payne visited the customer’s home to finalize the details and get the building ordered.  Over the next couple of weeks while the shed was in construction, we added the cupola, weather vane, and custom wood shutters for the windows.  The other custom design element we added after the initial consultation was the “turkey tail”.  This is the extended, angled point overhangs at each end of the roof.  We had never done this before but used pictures online to see different examples.  The turkey tail and cupola also mimic (although slightly different) those features on the customers existing metal building shop.  Finally, in order to make access to the porch easier, we added the extra step around the porch on-site to accommodate the ground slope.

Options shown:
  • 6’x10’ porch
  • Metal Roof
  • Roof Ridge Vent
  • 9 Lite Door
  • 3 – 24”x36” Aluminum Windows with Custom Wood Shutters
  • Octagon Window in the Gable End
  • Trim Paint
  • Cupola with Weather Vane
  • Gable End Overhangs with Custom Turkey Tails
  • Pressure treated step around porch
  • 6’x24” Potting Bench

Customer Comments from Delivery Confirmation Sheet:

Would you recommend The Shed Depot of NC to others?

10/10 – Every Chance I Get

“Good bunch of guys – fun experience.  Great Product.”     – Dick Bennett       3/30/2015

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