Stone Veneer House Match

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This customer wanted an exterior color and custom stone veneer to match his home in a shed that looked aesthetically pleasing, was functional, and was less expensive than built on-site garages.


The 12’x24’ Standard Series A-Frame with 8’ walls and 9’x7’ panel style garage door on the end with 9’x6’ pressure treated ramp fit the customer’s functional needs.  The 9 Lite steel entry door, Double Pane vinyl windows, shutters, and matching architectural shingles and exterior paint nearly completed the aesthetic needs.  The final touch to matching the look and feel of this customer’s home was the addition of a custom stone veneer to match the home.  Shed Depot installed the backer board and flashing needed and the customer used his own masonry expertise to finish the job.

Design Process:

The customer initially visited our Fuquay-Varina Location, where he was provided with initial pricing guidelines and information.  The customer then contacted The Shed Depot via email with the intial design ideas including the masonry backer board at the base of one side.  We began the process of quoting the shed with the masonry backer as well as developing a production “plan of attack” for installation and waterproofing.  The following is an excerpt of the next email to move the process forward:

    • I am looking for a 12’ X 24’ standard shed with the following options:
    • Smart panel all the way around building except for 4’ of front of shed
    • Front 4’ from bottom should be masonry backer board to accept stone work [buyer provided]
    • Architectural shingles
    • Color matched paint
    • Single 9 Light cased door with dead bolt in the middle of the front of the building
    • 2 vinyl [white] windows on front of building with shutters
    • 1 roll up door on end of building
  • 1 ramp to entry of roll up door

If you need any additional information, please let me know.  Also, if I could get a spec sheet on this building I will start to work on the permit process.  It will depend on the town of Fuquay where the building ends up in the yard, so this may change the placement of the roll up door, from left or right side of building.

We sent a copy of the appropriate Engineer plans and advised him on some aspects of the process.  Finally, we developed a final design and quote, drew up the contract, and emailed to the customer to be signed and returned.

Options shown:
    • Masonry Backer board base
    • Custom Paint Match
    • Architectural Shingles
    • 9 Lite Door
    • 2 – 32”x38” Double Pane Vinyl Windows with Shutters
  • 9’x7’ Panel Garage door with pressure treated ramp
Customer Comments from Delivery Confirmation Sheet:

I just wanted to share the finished pictures of the shed you guys built for me.  I think it turned out pretty cool.  Let me know what you think.

I also wanted to say that you and your entire staff were nothing but a pleasure to deal with through this whole process.  I really appreciate you going out of the norm with this particular project and the masonry backer board stuff.  Thanks again.

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