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How would you like to have a private office space that is customized for you, separated from your house, and just steps from your back door? Shed Depot can help you create just such a space! 


office shed interior
office shed interior
office shed exterior


We live in a world where working remotely is becoming the norm. More companies are saving money by reducing their office footprint for on-site workers. Many people are engaged in businesses that are secondary from their main jobs and are working from home during off-hours. 

Working from home can be full of positives. Saving money is a big positive with no commute, no need for a “work” wardrobe, and no need to eat lunch out everyday. On the other hand, working from home can be fraught with some not-so-positive aspects. When your office is actually in your house, you may not have the space you really need and there can be loads of distractions that keep you from being as productive as you want to be.


If these options leave you less than excited about working remotely, consider building your own office shed. That’s where ShedDepot comes in! Shed Depot can help you solve your office space issues by providing a shed that you can use in designing your dream home office, a perfect space that gives you the privacy, space, and the aesthetic you need to get work done. You can easily finish out our sheds to create a personalized office.

The best news is it’s in your own backyard! Using our Free 3D Shed Designer Tool, you can create a great office shed that is completely separate from your house and incorporates special touches that personalize it to your liking.


After deciding that a shed is what you need for a home office, you have several important considerations as you make your plan. You’ll want to take into account the size, location, and various approvals that may be necessary. Factors such as the grade of the land, the setbacks in your yard, homeowners association guidelines, permitting, etc. will need to be planned for in the installation of your shed. These items are essential to ensure the finished space is compliant with regulations and is harmonious, not only in your yard, but also in your neighborhood.

Read our blog titled “Taking Your Home Office Space to a New Level” where we outline these types of details for making your plan. 


As you complete your shed to function as an office, you’ll need to have the building code requirements for doors, windows, energy efficiency, and electrical wiring. Personalizing your space is the last step. This is where you can include special touches with a focal point like a door, porch, paint color, or other treatments that make it yours! 


Take your shed to the next level with a variety of additional options. For added storage and convenience, consider roll-up or garage doors, entry ramps, and interior lofts. Create your dream workshop with built in work benches and shelving. If you want to create a studio space, outdoor getaway, or simply add curb appeal, our window flower boxes, dormers, and window shutters are perfect touches.


With The Shed Depot of North Carolina, we make getting your perfect shed an easy process with our sheds for sale. Our long history and expertise in building sheds provides you with the workmanship you need for peace of mind and trust that your office shed will be exactly what you want. Check out our 3D Shed Designer Tool. It puts you in the lead role for defining your space!

We offer several payment options when purchasing a shed with our 90-day no-interest payment plan or a rent-to-own option.  And, for your convenience, we have free local delivery and setup!

Call Shed Depot today at 919-776-0206, go on our 3D Shed Designer Tool, or fill out the form below to get information on building the perfect office shed for your needs.



"Loving my shed from the Shed Depot of NC! The ordering process was great--I had a million questions and they answered every one. The shed was built in their facility and delivered and set up in my yard. Wonderful experience and the construction quality is top-notch. Highly recommend." - Chris McLaughlin -

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