Electrical Package Information

General Information:

  • The wiring packages offered as an option by The Shed Depot of NC are for the shed only. A licensed electrician (“your electrician”) in your area should be used to connect the interior wiring of the shed provided by The Shed Depot to your power source after the building has been delivered and set up in its final location.
  • “Your electrician” is also the person or company who should pull the required permits for the electrical portion and who should be listed as the electrical contractor on any permits associated with your shed. The shed structure itself only requires a permit if it exceeds 12’ in any dimension.  Where required the building permit application for the shed (not the electrical permit for the shed) is the responsibility of the homeowner.
  • The Shed Depot is not responsible for ensuring functionality and load capacity for all devices that may require higher power needs including but not limited to AC or heating elements, other appliances or large tools and machinery.
  • The shed Depot offers the following 2 wiring package options. If these are not suitable for your needs, we recommend speaking with “your electrician” to determine if they can add to the below options or if “your electrician” should contract the entire electrical job directly with the homeowner (you) to ensure the appropriate power functionality at the lowest cost.

Basic Electrical Package:

  • 2 outlets, either of which “your electrician” can tie in to directly. There will be no wire “hanging out” of the shed.  Depending on your nearest power source, “your electrician” at his discretion and possibly at an additional cost for his portion, may recommend a GFCI outlet.
  • 1 light switch
  • 1 keyless light with LED bulb
  • 12 gauge wire

Deluxe Electrical Package:

  • 2 outlets, 1 of which is a GFCI
  • 1 light switch
  • 1 – 4’ light with 2 LED bulbs
  • 12 gauge wire
  • 100 Amp Panel box with a single 20 amp breaker; Square D is the brand. This is what your electrician” will tie in to.  There will be no wire “hanging out” of the shed.

Please ask your sales person if you have any additional questions and we will be happy to assist you!