How to compare sheds

As you compare sheds and utility buildings from different manufacturers, it is often difficult to compare “Apples to Apples” because of the infinite number of options, materials, designs and financing programs. Below are some questions to aid in your comparison of other sheds to those from The Shed Depot of NC.

  • What is the volume of the shed?

    Even if the floor dimensions are the same, some buildings are much shorter than others, meaning you get much more space for your stuff in one building than another. Sheds from the Shed Depot are “full size” and you likely won’t have to duck to walk through our doors.

  • What is the building made of and how much is used?

    At the Shed Depot of NC, we pride ourselves on higher quality lumber and materials and more of them. We build our sheds like a house and intend for them to last as long as your home.

  • Is the attention to detail the same?

    It’s not just what you use, but also how you use it that counts. At The Shed Depot, we pick on the little things in order to ensure they are built tighter, perform better, and last longer.

  • What features are standard (included in the Base Price) and which are optional?

    Examples: Paint, doors, shelves, windows, etc.

  • Is the building customizable?

    At The Shed Depot, you can customize the layout of your building to meet your unique needs.

  • How will it be delivered?

    Are concrete blocks provided by the customer or included in the price? What about ground anchors? At The Shed Depot, we charge a small delivery fee. Our experienced delivery teams are skilled at placing the building where you need it, leveling the building up to 12” with our solid concrete blocks.

  • What is the Warranty?

    The Shed Depot offers a 5-year comprehensive warranty against any defects in materials, workmanship, leaks, or leveling. We do not warranty paint or cover storm damage. Be sure to also read the fine print for all warranties. What are the customer’s maintenance responsibilities in order to not void the warranty? What is not covered? Some warranties have many limitations.

  • How will you pay for the building?

    If you plan to Lease-To-Own or finance your purchase, also compare monthly payments and total $$$ paid over the term of the contract.

As you search for your next storage shed or utility building, remember, not all 10×10’s, not all options, not all delivery, and not all financing are the same. We hope you find these questions helpful in determining the best value for your unique needs.

Design Your Utility Building Today!

If you don’t have a shed of your own, but want to get one, check out our models or even start designing your own with our custom 3D Shed Designer. Not sure what’s best for your needs? Check out our idea gallery to see what other Shed Depot customers have created.

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