How to organize a shed

15 Ideas To Help Organize Your Shed

With all the items that a shed can hold, it can often get difficult to locate a particular object when you need it. Sometimes, finding a single rake can become a tiresome chore. We’re here to provide you with some ideas on how to organize a shed.

How To Organize A Shed

Sheds are highly helpful storage spaces that can be used to store your gardening tools, indoor storage, home equipment, or landscape items. But, they can only be helpful if they are organized and clear.

We’re sharing the top ways you can organize your shed to make it more accessible.

Maximize Your Space

A great way to maximize your storage space in a shed is by adding a loft. By building a loft, you can use the space above your tools and equipment for storage. This will free up more room on the ground level for things like lawn mowers and bicycles.

If you’re not keen on building a loft, consider installing shelves or racks on the walls of your shed. This will help you make better use of the space and keep things more organized.

Ideas for shed organization


Install Shelves

A shed has plenty of wall space. One of the best ways to utilize it is to install shelves

Whether it’s a floating shelf or a wire shelf, any shelf is a great way to organize your tools.

Floating shelves are a great way to make a shed feel more open, as they declutter everything from the ground. You could also consider adding adjustable shelves and moving them around every few months to make your space feel new!

Shelving for shed space

Use Wall Racks

Wall racks are a great way to make sure everything in your shed doesn’t end up piling on the floor. 

Many of the tools in a shed also have long handles, such as rakes, shovels, and various gardening tools. Wall racks are a great way to ensure these long handles stay out of the way and don’t hinder your path. You can easily purchase wall racks or even create your own!

Wall racks for shed storage ideas

Install A Pegboard

A pegboard is a great way to have all your tools on display. 

This is a particularly good idea for shed storage organization if you plan to use it as your workspace. This way, whenever you come into work, you’ll have all your tools hung out ready for you.

A pegboard also allows for each tool to be organized and hung separately. You can see exactly where your screwdriver or wrench is whenever you need it. 

Build A Workbench 

Once you’ve installed a pegboard, you can further organize your shed by designating your workbench right beneath it. 

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time working in your shed, it makes things easier to have a designated space. 

Your workbench should ideally be located near where all your tools are stored for easy access. This will ensure no mess is created while you work. 

Work bench for shed space

Save Your Coffe Cans And Empty Jars

Coffee cans are a great way to store small items in your shed. They’re easy to stack, and you can easily see what’s inside them.

Jars are especially great for small items such as nails, bolts, and screws. Make a jar for each item and label them accordingly. This will save you a lot of time next time you’re searching for a handy screw. 

Create PVC Cord Holders

PVC can be a handy accessory if you choose to take advantage of it. Every shed has lots of pipes, cords, and wires lying around. This leads to an unnecessary jumble on the floor which can also create an unsafe environment. 

To create PVC cord holders, cut a suitable length of 2-inch PVC pipes. Once cut, drill a hole in them to mount them onto the wall and hang any pipes, ropes, or cords on them. 

This is a convenient DIY storage tool that won’t take you more than an hour to create yourself.

Reuse An Old Bookshelf

If you have an old bookshelf in your house make sure to re-use it in your shed. 

A bookshelf doesn’t only have to be for books. Great organizational skill is to make use of everything in your vicinity. 

Utilize that old bookshelf and use it to store your gardening items, hardware tools, and accessories.

Old Bookshelves for shed storage

Utilize Drawers

Often while clearing space in sheds, people stuff tools at random into drawers. While a drawer is an effective way to store tools, you should also ensure to keep the drawer itself organized. 

Use a drawer insert with compartments to organize tools sectionally. This way whenever you open a drawer, you won’t have to unnecessarily fish through it to find the hammer you need. 

Install Overhead Bins

When organizing your shed make sure to utilize every inch of space in your shed. This means even the shed ceiling!

Ceiling space often goes overlooked. Use storage bins to organize your tools and mount them to the ceiling. 

Use a light-weighted bin, perhaps made of plastic, and drill holes in them to attach them to your ceiling. You can store tools in them that you don’t normally use on a day-to-day basis. 

Overhead storage totes for shed

Use a Shoe Holder

A shoe holder is an item found in every household. Who doesn’t find it convenient to store all their shoes behind a door compactly? But a shoe holder doesn’t have to be only for shoes. 

Be creative and organize your tools in the shoe holder instead. You can easily store it behind your shed’s door to keep it out of the way as well. Store your work gloves, shears, or any other small hand tools in it. 

Stick it to a Magnetic Holder

Magnetic tool holders can be attached to any convenient spot in your shed. Once bolted, you can stick your screwdrivers, pliers, or fixtures to the magnetic strip. This will ensure all your similar tools are grouped and stored together for easy reach. 

Wooden Pallets

Not only are wooden pallets cheap, but they are extremely functional and durable as well. 

Pallets can be used to store rakes, pipes, and other long tools that you have a problem putting elsewhere. 

Wooden crates for shed storage

Stackable Tubs

You’ve organized your handy tools in storage tubs and bins. Now what? An excess of storage tubs can also litter your shed. 

A smart organization tip for your shed is to also organize the storage tubs themselves. Most storage tubs, bins, or boxes are stackable. 

Stack them on top of another and push them into a corner. This will ensure you have more space for the rest of your tools. 

Hang Tools on The Exterior

The exterior of a shed is also a part of the shed. Often large gardening tools and machinery can overcrowd the shed. If you want to free up some space, utilize the exterior of the shed as well. 

Use hooks to mount hanging tools on the outside of your shed. This also conveniently marks your shed space. With your rakes standing outside, everyone will know this is your workspace!

Free Tip For Optimizing Your Sheds Space

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