Is it Cheaper to Buy or Build a Shed in 2023?

If you’re a handy person who loves DIY projects, building your own shed may be on your to-do list. But is that really the best idea for your wallet? That’s where it gets tricky. You need to consider all of the factors that go into building your own storage shed. These include:Should you build or buy a shed?

  • Building materials
  • Tools required
  • Windows
  • Skill level

While building your own shed gives you creative control, you may also end up with a final cost that’s more money than you want to pay.

To help you decide if it’s cheaper to build your own shed or buy a pre-built shed, we’re going to break down all the information you need. From materials to labor costs, and the tools needed, we’ll take a look at all of the factors that will help you decide if a DIY shed or a pre-built shed is a better fit for you.

Building Versus Buying a Shed

If you think you have your mindset on building your own shed and this is your first shed, you may not know exactly what you need and how much your new shed is going to cost. Before you begin building, you’ll have to consider the following:

Designing Your DIY shed

Before building, you need to have a design in mind for your project. This is going to consist of the space it’s going to take up as well as the materials and the general look.

You may have an idea of what you want your shed to look like or you may want to buy a shed kit. If you want complete control, you’ll likely opt to come up with your own design.

Another major decision when it comes to the design is what look you’re going after with your new shed. Do you like metal sheds or vinyl sheds? Do know if you want your shed to be made of wood or plastic? Do you want windows?

Since you have 100% creative control over your new shed you want to take the time for careful planning and think about all of these things.

Material Costs of Building a New Shed

While you may like one material over another, the actual cost of the building materials could be the deciding factor. Generally, plastic is the cheapest material followed by metal. Wood is typically the most expensive material due to the rising cost of lumber. Here’s a quick snapshot of what each of these building materials brings to the table:

Pre-made wood shed

Wood Sheds

While wood may be the most aesthetically pleasing material for a shed, besides being the most expensive, it can also be the most difficult. You need a sturdy foundation as well as protection against insect damage, fungus, and weather damage. Without a solid foundation, you’ll be setting yourself up for problems.

Metal Sheds

Metal sheds are undoubtedly cheaper to build than wood sheds. They are also not prone to insect damage or fire. But, metal sheds can rust over time. They also don’t rank high in the aesthetically pleasing department.

Plastic Sheds

When it comes to sheds that are cheaper to build, plastic is at the top of the list of the least expensive materials. It also requires the least amount of maintenance because it’s not prone to much damage.

Vinyl Sheds

Vinyl is another option when it comes to building materials. It is stronger than plastic or metal but is also one of the more expensive materials.

Engineered Wood Sheds

If you like the idea of a wood shed without the problems that can come along with a wood shed, engineered wood may be the way to go. It is more eco-friendly and isn’t prone to insect or moisture damage. Engineered wood can be more expensive than traditional wood when it comes to building materials.

Of course, the cost of materials is going to rely on where you live and the source of your building materials.

Shed Kits

pre-made shed kitsSome people opt for shed kids when they want to build a shed for the first time. This can be an excellent solution if you really don’t know what you’re doing! A shed kit comes with all of the pieces you need that are already pre-cut and pre-drilled. This saves on the cost of power tools.

While there are some advantages, there’s still the factor of time. These kits can take a lot of time to complete. You’ll want to have someone helping you to help get the best result. You also don’t get much creative control when it comes to these kits.

Cost of Building a Shed per Square Foot

Sheds are made in various shapes, the cost to construct is proportional to material and size. Generally, small garden sheds have dimensions between 4 and 7 feet (8 – 28 square feet) and larger sheds may reach 12 feet by 15 feet (296 – 190 square feet).

The average shed price is per square foot depending on the building type. Storage sheds usually cost more, some of which feature interior shelving insulation and electrical wiring.

You’ll want to measure your space by square feet so that you can determine the cost correctly and determine whether buying a shed or building one has more advantages for you.

Tools to Build Your Own Shed

Do you have all the power tools required to get your shed built? Check your supply before deciding to put a DIY shed on your to-do list. Some of the tools required, depending on the material you choose can include:

  • Circular Saw
  • Sawhorses
  • Ladder
  • Nail Punch
  • Tape Measure
  • Drill
  • Framing Nailer
  • Safety Glasses
  • Framing or Speed Square
  • Air Compressor

If you don’t have any of the power tools, you’ll have to borrow or purchase them which will add more money to your expenses. You may want to look into renting all the tools that you don’t have so that you don’t have to buy them for just this one project.

Time Required for Building A Shed

When you take on a building project like a new shed, besides all the materials and tools required you need to consider the time it’s going to take you to get the project done. While you may save on professional labor costs, how much is your time worth? Do you have the time it takes to get the project done? These are questions you need to ask yourself before taking on a DIY shed project.

Why Buy a Shed?

If you’re not into DIY projects or don’t have the necessary time needed to build a shed, buying a shed may be the better idea. But, is it cheaper to buy a shed or build a shed? That’s the million-dollar question. Here are some of the reasons why people prefer buying a shed over building a shed.All in one pool shed for storage and entertainment from The Shed Depot

No Labor Involved

For some people, time is money, and they don’t mind paying labor costs because it saves them time.

If you fall into this category and don’t mind paying installation fees, delivery costs, and other expenses that go along with getting a pre-built shed, buying a shed may be the way to go for you. This is one of the advantages that people often like when they are buying a new shed.

You Get a Professional Build

When you pay the cost of a shed that is professionally made, you will likely get a warranty on your purchase. This gives many people peace of mind if something should go wrong within a certain period.

A warranty can also protect against any defects in material or if something was recalled. If you build your own shed, these warranties are not going to be in place.

People may also feel that the shed is of greater quality because it was professionally made versus them doing it on their own or following directions from a shed kit.

Hopefully, whoever is installing the shed won’t cut corners and will deliver a quality job.

No Power Tools Needed

If you don’t have a garage full of power tools, you don’t have to worry about buying or renting them when you buy a shed.

When you buy a pre-built or custom shed, everything is done for you. You just need to decide on the design you want and where it should go on your property. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

While buying a shed is certainly easier than building a shed, and custom-designed sheds will have the majority of the accessories you could want, you will still have less creative control.

You will be limited to the designs of the pre-built sheds that are available, and often pay more for additions to a custom shed. Some people like this because it makes their decision easier, while others prefer to customize every last detail as they’re building a shed.

Planning Permission and Positioning

Whether you’re building a shed or buying a pre-built model, you need to do some planning. This includes finding a place on your property where it fits and making it aesthetically pleasing so that it compliments your home.

You also want to find out if you need any special building permits when it comes to construction projects like building your own shed. Check with your local municipality for the rules.

So, is it Cheaper to Build Your Own Shed or Buy a Shed?

Custom bar shed by Shed DepotIn the end, it all comes down to money. Do you want to pay for a new shed or use that money to get the materials and tools needed to build one shed? Here’s the bottom line:

  • You may pay less money per square foot to build a shed because you’re saving on labor costs.
  • Building a shed gives you more creative control and budget control.
  • Buying a shed saves you time.
  • You don’t have to worry about the cost of materials.
  • You often get a warranty on a pre-built shed which can you save you money down the road.

Buying a new shed can cost less depending on the material and size. Although you are paying for labor and installation costs, you don’t have to worry about paying for tools and materials.

Do You Want to Buy a New Shed?

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