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Available for quick delivery in the Burlington area. With our convenient lease-to-own payment plan, you can get your own quality shed for an affordable monthly payment. No credit checks are necessary! We also offer a 90 day no-interest payment option. 


10 X 12 Standard A Frame
$4200 | $176/mo

In Stock: Sanford Location >> Cash Price: $4200 with tax |...
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12 X 28 Monster “A” Frame
$13509 | $567/mo

In Stock: Sanford Location >> Cash Price: $13509 with tax |...
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12 X 36 Standard “A” Frame
$12171 | $511/mo

In Stock: Sanford Location >> Cash Price: $12171 with tax |...
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10 X 24 Standard A Frame
$7249 | $304/mo

In Stock: Sanford Location >> Cash Price: $7249 with tax |...
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12 X 12 Standard / Vinyl
$6206 | $261 mo

In Stock: Sanford Location >> Cash Price: $6206 with tax |...
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12 X 20 Monster “A” Frame
$8533 | $358/mo

In Stock: Sanford Location >> Cash Price: $8533 with tax |...
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Our team at The Shed Depot of NC proudly offers our services to individuals in Burlington to provide unmatched custom sheds that exceed all expectations. We understand how difficult it can be to find a shed that satisfies all of the needs on your checklist, from matching your home’s aesthetics and supplying ample storage space, to abide by the Home Owner's Association requirements.

That is why we opened up shop in 2005 to eliminate this problem. Our custom shed dealers ultimately create exceptional, personalized solutions that flawlessly fulfill all your needs, allowing our customers to receive the shed that is perfect for them.

Burlington Custom Shed Options

In order to provide the most perfect solutions, our custom sheds in Burlington enable customers to design the entirety of their new shed, from the paint color to the size, and beyond. So, not only will your shed be a perfect size, but it will also look exactly how you desire it to. Using our 3D Shed Designer, our customers first conceptualize and perfect their own custom shed, which our team will then flawlessly replicate as quickly as possible.

Our services allow you to customize the following features, and much more.

Roofing Shingles for Sheds

The first step in creating your own custom shed is choosing the shingles. While we have the basic options of black, gray, brown, weathered wood, and more available, our Burlington custom shed dealers can also acquire shingles that perfectly match your house’s upon request.


We offer a wide selection of siding options, including Vinyl, LP Smartside Panel, and more, to allow for both durability and aesthetic appeal. Our custom shed builders in Burlington can provide assistance with selecting the siding that is best for your unique needs and desires.


To complete the look of your new custom shed, you are also given the opportunity to select any paint color you desire. At The Shed Depot of NC, supplying quality products is our utmost goal, which is why we use Sherwin Williams paint. This means that any color selection offered by Sherwin Williams can be used to finalize your storage solution. Our custom shed dealers can also match your shed’s paint color directly to your house.

Shed Models

Our team at The Shed Depot of NC seeks to provide you with the perfect solution, which is why we don’t just offer a single, basic model. Instead, we offer these six unique models to completely satisfy your needs:

  • Craftsman Series
  • Monster Series
  • Modern Series
  • Standard Series
  • Value Line

Additional Shed Options

Since we allow our customers to design the entirety of their new shed, there are multiple other components available for specification as well. With our custom shed services, you can design as much or as little as you desire, meaning you can select your doors, windows, porch, and shelves, or only select your paint color and size. The possibilities are endless when it comes to your custom shed solution.

Free Shed Delivery and Installation Services in Burlington

Custom Shed Warranty
At The Shed Depot of NC, we aim to provide solutions that last a lifetime, which is why we automatically supply each of our sheds with a 5-year warranty. Our warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials, new material costs, and labor repair costs. Specifically, the following areas are included within this warranty:

  • Materials and Workmanship
  • Leaks
  • Leveling
  • Door Repairs

Our custom shed dealers in Burlington will ultimately resolve any of these problems, completely free of charge.

Flexible Payment Options

In addition to receiving the most ideal shed for your individual situation, our services also provide flexible payment options. Not only do we offer the lowest monthly payments in the industry, but also unique payment plans. These plans include a 90-day payment plan, as well as a 36-month lease to own plan to ultimately ensure that our customers are able to receive unsurpassed, yet affordable services.

Looking to Build Your Own Custom Shed

If you are currently looking for a storage solution, why not obtain one that flawlessly fulfills your needs and desires? From the size of your custom shed to the overall appearance, our team can ensure you are receiving the perfect, individualized solution for an affordable cost. With all the benefits our services provide, such as free installation and extensive customizable options, you don’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity.


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"Their customer service is exceptional and they have great quality for a good price. Fun to work with and open to customizations. They certainly do not disappoint!" - DeAnthony Brooks -

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