Cedar Shake Sheds

What are Cedar Shake Sheds?

Cedar shake sheds are simply sheds constructed with cedar shakes. With these sheds, instead of vinyl siding, James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding, or your other more standard options, cedar shakes are used for the siding. 

Though they are both the same material, cedar shakes are not to be confused with cedar shingles. While cedar shingles have a more smooth, uniform look and are a bit thinner, cedar shakes are thicker and more rugged, as they are split off rather than sawn smooth.

10x12 Executive Series Shed With Cedar Shake Siding and 2ft Front Porch   Craftsman Steep-Pitch Shed With Custom Paint and Cedar Shake Gables  10 X 12 Cedar Shake Shed With French Doors 

Why Cedar Shake Sheds?

Ultimately, cedar shake sheds offer a variety of benefits, such as enhanced durability, and, depending on your preferred style, a better appearance than other sheds. We use faux cedar shake which is more affordable and less labor intensive, but still provides the same benefits as real cedar shake. Some of the benefits of cedar shake sheds are:

Incredibly Easy Maintenance

If you’re already short on time and don’t need another thing to maintain, cedar shake sheds might be ideal for you. Cedar has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, meaning you can leave it untreated without having to worry about rotting, cracking, or excessive warping. Cedar also naturally repels insects and dries quickly, so you also won’t have to worry about insect or water damage. A little bit of maintenance is required if you choose to stain your cedar siding, as you’ll have to re-stain it every so often. But, it’s still ultimately very easy to maintain. Of course, an annual pressure washing is also recommended to lengthen the lifespan of it’s beautiful appearance, but it’s certainly not required. 

Enhanced Durability

Cedar shakes are much thicker than other siding options and are made from premium grade wood, making it much more durable than other options. Cedar shakes also typically last much longer than other choices, like cedar siding, due to its’ thickness and natural protective properties. 

Enhanced Natural Insulation

Unlike many other siding materials, cedar is a low-density softwood. All this means is that it’s not only great for construction, but a wonderful insulator. Due to the density of the wood, less air can transport through it. This keeps less heat from escaping in the winter and cool air from escaping in the summer, providing natural insulation. 

Unique, Beautiful Appearance & Pleasant Aroma

Although cedar shake sheds offer a ton of more practical benefits, lots of individuals choose them because of their unique appearance and pleasant aroma. Cedar is a very warm wood, which provides a natural, more rustic look that blends in seamlessly with the environment. Whether unfinished and unstained or stained and painted, it offers a pleasing, perceptible grain that adds an appealing texture to your yard. Cedar shake sheds also offer a unique, warm, earthy smell that many love. 


Our faux cedar shake sheds can be customized to perfectly satisfy your needs. Designing your own custom shed starts with selecting one of our various base models, that vary in things like size or appearance. Take a look at the following models to see which one is most ideal for you:

Customizable Options

With our custom faux cedar shake sheds, we enable you to design the entirety of your new shed, to ensure it’s precisely the way you want it. That’s why you can determine the following features.


We offer four standard selections of shingles for you to choose from to for your new cedar shake shed: black, gray, brown, or weathered wood. Or, if you’d rather your shingles match your home’s, we can seamlessly match the two upon request. 


Choose to spruce up your cedar shake shed with a pop of color or keep it simple with our various paint selections. Since we use Sherwin Williams paint, because of their exceptional quality, you can select from any of the Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors. Or, you can choose from our standard selection of paint colors shown below. If you need to be HOA-compliant, you can also have your shed’s paint perfectly match your home’s.

Additional Features

Customizing your custom cedar shake shed goes beyond just the basic, external appearance. You can also choose to add a variety of additional features, both to the exterior and interior, such as the following:


Loft Space



Be sure to take a look at our full list of additional features, or give us a call to discuss all of your customizable options.

Payment Options

At The Shed Depot of NC, we want everyone to obtain our luxurious sheds without the hassle of unreasonable financial demands. That’s why we offer the most affordable payment options possible, with the lowest monthly payments in the industry and very flexible payment plans. Our payment options include:


* Based on 36 Month No Credit Check Lease Agreement

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Design Your Own Custom Faux Cedar Shake Shed Today!

Now’s the perfect time to start designing your own cedar shake shed that not only looks exactly the way you want it, but also offers all of the capabilities you need. So, start designing yours now with our free 3D Shed Designer Tool! You can also visit us at one of our locations, give us a call at (919) 776-0206, or complete the contact form below for more information.

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