Sheds with Horizontal Siding

What is a shed with horizontal siding?

Sheds with horizontal siding simply use siding that is placed horizontally, rather than vertically. Horizontal siding is very commonly used, and offers a classic look that will never go out of style. Several different siding options can be installed horizontally, like LP Lap Siding and Vinyl Siding. Lap siding places or “laps” each board over the lower board, providing the horizontal shadow look often required by the HOA. Similarly, vinyl siding is designed with strips that lock into the previous one, hiding the seam.


Why a Shed with Horizontal Siding?

Overall, sheds with horizontal siding are what can be considered the “safe bet,” because of the number of benefits they offer, such as:

Timeless Aesthetic Appeal

Horizontal siding has been considered the “standard” siding for many years, especially for residential buildings and sheds, making it the more timeless option. Consequently, one of the most significant benefits of sheds with horizontal siding is simply the aesthetic appeal. Sheds with horizontal siding fulfill the traditional siding look that most prefer and are also easier to match to homes, as most homes use horizontal siding over other options. If you’re looking to blend in with the neighborhood, especially if you live in a Colonial-style neighborhood, or closely match your home, horizontal siding is the way to go. 

More Cost-Effective Than Vertical Siding

Because it has been the norm for so many years, horizontal siding is definitely the more cost-effective option over vertical siding. The main reasons why this is the case is because it’s easy to install, has reduced material requirements, and the installation process is also much faster than vertical siding. As a result, another significant advantage of sheds with horizontal siding is their more affordable cost.


At The Shed Depot of NC, we strive to supply all of our clients with a custom shed that not only perfectly meets, but exceeds their storage needs. That is why we provide several different models for you to customize and make into your dream shed. You can view all of our available models below:


Our custom shed services allow you to design the entirety of your shed, from top to bottom. You’ll start by determining the following features:


Whether you desire to match your shed’s shingles to your home to satisfy any HOA regulations, or choose from one of our selections, we got you covered. Our selections are black, gray, brown, and weathered wood shingles. 


As previously mentioned, we offer multiple different types of siding for our sheds that can be installed horizontally:

  • LP Lap Siding
  • Vinyl Siding
  • James Hardie Siding

If you are unsure of which siding is ideal for you, our friendly experts can assist you.


One of the biggest decisions with every custom shed is the paint color! To help you receive the shed of your dreams, we offer a large selection of Sherwin Williams paint. Our standard is to produce only the most exceptional quality sheds, so we only use Sherwin Williams paint because they offer the best in the industry. If your shed needs to be HOA complaint, our custom shed experts can also match the paint color directly to your home.

Additional Customizable Options

After you’ve selected your shingles, siding, and paint, you can also choose to include a variety of other features on your shed with horizontal siding, such as:


Loft Space



You can learn more about our additional features here.

Payment Options

At The Shed Depot of NC, we want to eliminate all barriers that hinder our clients from obtaining the custom shed of their dreams. That is why we offer the most affordable payment solutions possible, with flexible payment options and the lowest monthly payments in the industry. Learn more about our exceptional payment plans below:


* Based on 36 Month No Credit Check Lease Agreement

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Are You Ready to Design Your Shed With Horizontal Siding?

Now’s the perfect time to design the custom shed of your dreams! Exercise your creativity skills and start designing your very own shed online today with our 3D shed designer tool. When you’re ready to make your custom shed dreams a reality, give us a call at (919) 776-0206, visit us at one of our various locations, or complete the contact form below.

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