Sheds With Ramps

What Are Sheds With Ramps?

Sheds with ramps are exactly what they sound like: They’re simply sheds that have ramps attached to them, leading to the shed doors. Rather than a ledge, stairs, or even a small porch that provides access to the door, a ramp provides a smooth transition from the ground to the shed doors. 

12x12 Craftsman Steep-Pitch With Lap Siding and Dollhouse Dormers

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Why Sheds With Ramps?

Having a shed with a ramp ultimately brings another level of ease and convenience to all of your storage needs! Here are just some of their benefits:

Convenient and Versatile

Regardless of what you store in your shed, having a shed with a ramp makes getting all objects into the shed much easier and more convenient. Rather than having to heave heavy objects over the shed’s threshold or step up into the shed yourself, you'll be able to seamlessly transition all of your objects into the shed with ease.


Sheds with ramps add an additional level of accessibility that is perfect for wheelchairs, walkers, pets, or just anyone who may have trouble stepping in or out of the shed’s threshold. They provide a smooth transition into the shed that brings ease of use for all. Especially if you are using your shed as a bungalow, loft, or guest house, this enhanced accessibility is crucial.  

Perfect for Wheeled Vehicles & Storage

For objects with wheels, whether they be lawnmowers and wheelbarrows or vehicles like boats and motorcycles, sheds with ramps provide the optimal, most convenient storage solution. Rather than having to struggle to lift these heavy objects into the shed, you can simply push or ride your wheeled vehicle right up the ramp and inside. The same goes when it’s time to bring it back out; just ride or push it down the ramp. No more having to strain yourself or need assistance! 

They Look Good!

Here at The Shed Depot of NC, our sheds with ramps are customized to be highly aesthetically pleasing. We ensure that each ramp perfectly matches or compliments the exterior of the shed, creating a cohesive, appealing overall look that, for some, is more appealing than sheds without ramps. We can even seamlessly match your shed and shed ramp to your house to make sure you comply with HOA regulations.


We offer a variety of custom shed models to ultimately ensure that you receive the shed that best fulfils your needs. Our models include:

Take a look at our different models, and see which one best suits your needs.


In addition to all of our different models, we offer many different customizable options to ensure your shed looks and functions exactly the way you want it. With our custom sheds, you can specify all of the following features.


When designing your custom shed, the first thing you’ll select is the shingles. We offer black, gray, brown, and weathered wood shingles. In order to make sure you are HOA compliant, we can also match your shed’s shingles to your house upon request.


We offer several different types of siding for your custom shed with a ramp, such as:

  • LP Smartside Panel
  • LP Lap Siding
  • Vinyl Siding
  • James Hardie Siding

Our custom shed experts can help you determine which siding option is ideal for your needs.


With every custom shed, you will, of course, be able to select the paint color. We can either match the paint to your house or use one of our Sherwin Williams paint choices. Because we produce the most superior sheds on the market, we only use Sherwin Williams paint, because of their exceptional quality. 

Additional Features

With our custom sheds with ramps, you can also incorporate or design other aspects of your shed, such as:

You can learn more about our additional features here.

Payment Options

With our custom sheds with ramps, we strive to offer the most affordable payment options possible to adhere to all of our client’s budgets. That’s why we have the lowest monthly payments in the industry, along with flexible payment options. Our payment options are:


* Based on 36 Month No Credit Check Lease Agreement

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