Shed with Custom Exterior Paint Options

Cheryl Got A New She-Shed, Why Shouldn’t You??

She-Sheds have recently become one of the most popular ideas customers come to us in search of. The designing process and creating your custom she-shed can be a blast but may quickly turn into a stressful situation. Instagram and Pinterest are full of elaborate designs that may be pricey and out of your budget. Here are a few tips on how to design your dream she-shed without breaking the bank.

One of the first considerations as you begin your She-Shed Design process is whether to get your new shed built on-site or delivered pre-built (portable).  If there is a path from the street to the desired location in your yard, then a portable shed may be a less expensive option than having it built-on-site. Portable sheds also offer the ability to be moved later and installation is often quicker, easier and less damaging to your yard. 

Some portable shed manufacturers can accommodate custom options that are not outrageously pricey. Here are a few of our favorite design tips to make your She –Shed unique without breaking the bank.


1) Ask the builder or manufacturer if they can add a custom feature such as a unique window or door. The buyers of this shed picked up the stain glass window from a thrift store and were able to install it for them at a relatively cheap cost.


2) Ask about custom Exterior pain’t options. Painting the exterior of your building with an ‘outside the box’ color scheme or matching it to your home can help you get the look and “feel” you want for your She-Shed at a reasonable cost. Be sure to check for any HOA covenants that may require you to match your home’s color schemes.


3) Consider interior finishes. Where available, paneling and floor coverings of various types can provide a finished look in a wide range of prices depending on material and size of the shed. If you are handy, you may be able to add those coverings yourself for about 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of getting the builder to do it. One of our favorite “cheap” options is painting the interior of your shed. This can usually be done for a few hundred bucks depending on the size of the shed and can really make your shed look “chic”.


4) Trendy and decorative interior furnishings can really spice up the inside of your building in a cost-effective way. Thrift stores, TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby, auctions/estate sales, or your local garden supply stores (such as Big Bloomers in Sanford or The Garden Hut in Fuquay-Varina) are a couple of place to check out. This type of design can make your She-Shed feel like home and be specific to the style or theme you were going for.

Design Your Own She-Shed Today!

If you don’t have a she-shed of your own, but want to get one, check out our models or even start designing your own with our custom 3D Shed Designer. Not sure what’s best for your needs? Check out our idea gallery to see what other Shed Depot customers have created.

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