Close up of yellow pool dressing room and shed

Just what you need to complete your outdoor summer entertainment space

Pool Sheds are becoming more popular each summer and even more so now with outdoor entertaining becoming the new “norm”. There are many different routes customers can go with their pool shed ideas and designs which can often lead to a stressful time. We have several tips and different ideas that may help ease the pool shed designing process and allow you to consider all the possible options.

Pre-built (portable) are a great and less expensive option than built on site sheds. If there is a path from the street to the desired location in your yard, then a portable shed allows you to visualize the placement of the shed and overall look of your backyard layout before it becomes final. Portable sheds also offer the ability to be moved later and installation is often quicker, easier, and less damaging to your yard.

Be sure to consult with your local permit officials about setbacks from the pool during the design process. Some portable shed manufacturers can accommodate custom options that are not outrageously pricey and can add that custom feel to it to match your home theme. Here are a few of our favorite pool shed designs.


Beige pool storage shed
Storage shed for a pool by Shed Depot

You may be looking for something simple just for storage by the pool for chemicals, bug skimmers, floats, etc. The exterior wall of the shed also makes for a great place to install the mechanical features of the pool to keep it concealed from view. This is a perfect and simple design to tie in the overall look of the backyard and keep all the pool necessities hidden.

Bar Hangout

Bar hangout shed by The Shed Depot

A Bar style pool shed is great for the outdoor entertaining concept and provides the ability to store inside and be served outside. The fold down bar window is a less expensive option compared to some sliding or awning windows and brings a cool vibe to the space. This idea could also be captured with more windows, French doors, or full glass garage door which brings in plenty of light and gives you the option to have the open concept or closed shed.

Dressing / Changing rooms

Pool dressing room shed in yellow
Portable yellow pool changing room from Shed Depot NC

This pool shed can offer a space that doubles as storage and also provides home-like features without guests having to go in and out of the house. Choosing a nice pop of color can also enhance the look of the backyard and give you a nice summer feel by the pool.

All In One

Pool shed with bar, storage, and changing room from Shed Depot NC
All in one pool shed for storage and entertainment from The Shed Depot

Lastly, a pool shed that checks all the boxes is also a possibility. This offers the bar serving window under the porch, the homey features in the middle, and an area for storage on the opposite end. We have the ability to help design and build the pool shed that fits your needs and help bring your outdoor entertainment space to life.

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