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Tool sheds and workshops might be one our most common uses for storage buildings. The designing process to create your custom storage and ideal workspace can be fun but there are also some important things to take into consideration to maximize the functionality of your building. Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks to help in your design process.

One of the first things to think about is whether to get your new shed built on-site or delivered pre-built (portable).  If there is a path from the street to the desired location in your yard, then a portable shed may be a less expensive option than having it built-on-site.  Portable sheds also offer the ability to be moved later and installation is often quicker, easier and less damaging to your yard.  

Monster Barn Shed for ATV

The second consideration would be if you plan to keep your riding lawn mower in the building or not. It is always important to think about the space of your yard in terms of shed placement, but also consider the layout of the building and how it will sit to locate your doors accordingly. You want the layout and placement to be the most convenient when driving your mower in and out of the building. Also make sure the area in the yard is level within 12” to best accommodate the use of your ramp. Its best if your doors are located at or near the highest point of elevation, that way the doors are closer to the ground when leveled to achieve proper ramp functionality. Our ramps are 6’ long so we recommend that it is also level where the ramp meets the ground, which is slightly less than 6’ out from the building.


Next on the list is deciding if other tools and lawn/yard equipment will be stored in the shed and what types of tools they are. Will they be something you use inside the shed or are they solely just being stored inside? Think about how much workspace you need around the tools and if it’s in a convenient spot to access as needed. Additionally, you will want to recognize if you will need more of an open area around the tools to do wood working, building structures, working on the motorcycle, etc.


Another important factor to consider is the necessity of windows. Do you need them for light and cross ventilation inside or just want them for exterior aesthetic reasons? Where is the best place to put them? Think in terms of getting the most airflow, allowing for the brightest light in busy work areas, and also maximizing wall storage space. Windows can have positive and negative impacts depending on the overall plan you have for your building.


Now that we have discussed the placement in the yard, the main uses of the building, and the specific layout you wish to have, next is to consider interior finishing options. We offer a stacker shelf and loft space option which is great for storage and getting items off the floor. Our workbench option can be helpful as a workspace and allow for storage of tools or windows to be placed along the wall in front of it.  If you plan to build or buy shelving and bench options yourself, determine the size it will be and how much space inside they will take up. Pegboards are another interior option we offer that can help utilize wall space for storage. Lastly, our radiant barrier and insulation may be something to consider if you plan to spend a lot time in the building. The radiant barrier can help keep the building cooler in the summer months while working against the sun and heat. If you plan on adding heating or cooling elements to your building, be sure to consult your shed manufacturer for suggestions.

Build Your Own Tool Shed

Are you looking to build your own tool shed? The Shed Depot of North Carolina now allows your to build your own tool shed using our 3D Designer tool. Its fun and easy to use. If you have any questions feel free to call us at (919) 776-0206 or complete the short form below:

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