The Lady Beer Cave


This Customer has a passion for brewing her own beer.  Her hobby had outgrown her garage and she needed a dedicated space that would be free from dust, dirt, and other possible contaminants.


The 10’ wide by 8’ deep steep pitch shed from Shed Depot would fit perfectly behind her garage while still allowing room for her to access her fenced-in backyard.  The double-pane vinyl window and 9 lite steel door are also ideal for sheds that will be insulated and finished because they better seal out the hot summers and cold winters.  Maintaining constant temperatures is vital in brewing beer.  The customer intends to wire the shed for electricity, insulate and finish the walls and ceiling with sheetrock and install finished flooring.  Stay tuned for more pictures and more beers.

Design Process:

The customer discovered the Shed Depot of NC on the Internet.  After scouring our site for design details and pricing, she emailed Monica in our Sanford, NC Sales headquarters with a series of questions.  Monica answered most of her questions and referred her to our Production Manager Chris Luther for some of the more unique and unusual design questions.  With a background in architecture, the customer was very familiar with construction and had a keen eye for detail.  In conjunction with the pricing and design information available at and several phone conversations with Monica and Chris, she was able to decide to purchase without ever stepping foot in one of our sheds.  After hearing her story, Chris visited her site to check for access availability due to the close proximity of her neighbor and also to review her home and neighborhood for aesthetic purposes (would her shed match?).  We advised the customer of our steep pitch series that would mimic the steeper roof pitch of her home and she agreed.

Options shown:
  • Steep Pitch Series
  • 36” 9 Lite Steel Door
  • 32”w X 38”t Vinyl Window
  • Trim Paint
Letter from the Customer:

I chose The Shed Depot because of the information available to customers on their website, which had made the initial planning stages easy. The numerous options and styles available allowed me to keep my shed as affordable as I needed it to be without compromising my wants and needs. Interacting with Monica, Chris, and Josh only enhanced my overall experience.  Their customer service, continual communication, and attention to detail is top notch; they made my experience easy and worry-free and I never felt pressured to purchase anything. I also appreciated the in-process photo that was sent to me of my shed while it was being built.

Who doesn’t like baby photos? I was initially weary that having a shed built off-site because I could not see the quality of the build. Once the shed was delivered the quality was obvious even before their installer unloaded it. There is a lot of care put into the build with solid materials and excellent attention to detail. My shed will be used as a home brewery. There will be electrical, insulation, drywall and flooring installed.  Unlike sheds I saw at the big box stores, I noticed the corners of the shed were framed in so that drywall could be installed edge to edge. This cuts down costs because I do not need to install another strip of wood on all corners. The Shed Depot did not cut corners on the construction. On the exterior, the shed looks like a home with quality shingles, a nice paint job, the optional steel case 9-light door, and vinyl windows. It just may be nicer than my actual house! Finally, when I figured out that I forgot to add a roof ridge vent, Chris came right out and installed one for me!

I could not be happier with my purchase, the staff at The Shed Depot, and the careful and quick installation onto my property.  The installer even noticed a soft spot in my yard and made corrections to the leveling of the shed to accommodate for movement. This is the kind of service I really appreciate from such a great company. They really are the bees knees!

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