Upgrade Your Shed

How Can You Upgrade a Storage Shed?

You’ve finally decided it’s time to upgrade your backyard, increase your storage space and showcase your personal style with a shed. Designing a shed is exciting– you get to pick out your size, colors, style and even some cool upgrades.

But, with so many upgrade options available, it can be hard to tell what’s worth it and what you should skip.


Think about the entryway to your new shed; what will need to fit through it? If it’s just people going in and out, a single 3’ door might do the trick. If you’re considering using your shed to store a lawn mower, you might want to consider double doors, maybe even a garage door.

The bigger the storage needs, the bigger entryway you will need.

shed depot shed upgrades entryway monster shedAlso, consider adding a ramp. Would you really want to lift your bulky riding mower every time you need to get it in or out of storage? Most likely not, sheds are meant to make your life easier.


Chances are, your gardening tools won’t care about a little darkness. But, you might. If you’re considering a shed to act as a second workspace– it can be a home office for your business, a spare workshop for your latest car build, a home gym to sweat it out, anything you want– you might want to consider adding windows to let in a little sunlight. Your shed won’t be a usable workspace without a little light.

For those who are looking for light and extra security, transom windows are a great option.


With loft spaces and built-in shelving, you can have storage within storage! Built-in shelves can hold heavier weight and keep things off the floor while loft spaces can increase the usable square footage of your shed to store whatever you might need. Store your seasonal decor out out of the way!


At Shed Depot, we’re huge fans of the LP® ProStruct® Floor. Unlike traditional flooring, LP® ProStruct® floors resist termite damage, decay, warping, splitting and cracking. Flooring is one of the details that can make all the difference without you even realizing it. It’s an attractive surface coating that’s tough, but extremely easy to sweep and keep clean.


There’s also the option to add shutters, flower boxes, transom windows, contrasting trim and more. These little details are really what makes your shed more “you”!

Transom windows add a nice decorative touch that’s also practical, they let in light without allowing people to see what’s inside your shed. Windows look more cozy with shutters and a flower box added to them. Shutters can also help your new addition blend seamlessly into your neighborhood.

Why Upgrade to a Custom Shed?

Your shed is an extension of your home, and, just like your home, it’s better to upgrade while you can still enjoy it– not when it’s time to sell. These upgrades can also end up being more costly and time consuming than if they were done from the start. The cost of construction materials is on the rise, today’s cost might not be tomorrow’s cost. Many items, especially ramps, can be done better and possibly cheaper than if you did it yourself later on down the road.

Of course, you can always have a professional do it, but that will be more expensive. Ramps in particular would require an additional trip charge from many manufacturers if brought out after the original shed delivery. Some companies might not even offer post-purchase upgrade options due to the inefficiency of adding options on-site.

You’ll also have to contend with the stuff you’ve already put into your shed when you decide to renovate it. While you’re building a loft or adding shelves, what will you do with the Christmas decorations? Or the lawn mower? Or, if it’s your work space, where will you work during this time?

Design Your Custom Storage Shed Today!

If you don’t have a shed of your own, but want to get one, check out our models or even start designing your own with our custom 3D Shed Designer. Not sure what’s best for your needs? Check out our idea gallery to see what other Shed Depot customers have created.

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