Rent-to-Own Storage Sheds

At Shed Depot our lease-to-own payment option, also commonly referred to as rent-to-own, makes getting a quality shed affordable with low monthly payments spread out over a 36-month period. You can enjoy your new shed right away, without needing to come up with all of the money upfront.  Try our 3D Shed Design tool today to design!

In-Stock Lease-to-Own Sheds: Sanford Location


8 X 12 Value Line
$2996| $126/mo

In Stock: Sanford Location >> Cash Price: $2996 with tax |...
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8 X 10 Standard A Frame
$3237 | $136/mo

In Stock: Sanford Location >> Cash Price: $3237 with tax |...
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10 X 12 Value Line
$3504| $147/mo

In Stock: Sanford Location >> Cash Price: $3504 with tax |...
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12 X 12 Executive
$7300 | $307mo

In Stock: Sanford Location >> Cash Price: $7300 with tax |...
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8 X 12 Standard Lap
$6090 | $256/mo

In Stock: Sanford Location >> Cash Price: $6090 $5590 with...
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12 X 20 Modern Series
$12187.30 $10687.30 $448.87/mo

In Stock: Sanford Location >> Cash Price: $12187.30 $10687.30 with...
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To see our full selection of in-stock, quick delivery, lease-to-own sheds, stop by our Sanford supercenter. We’ve got a large selection that you can buy right off the lot, or we can build a fully customized shed for you. Come visit us in Sanford.

Note: Some customized built-to-order sheds may not be eligible for our lease-to-own program.

We have 6 different series of sheds, each with different features and benefits. Our sheds can be custom painted, sided, or shingled to match the style of your house and meet most Homeowners Association Requirements.

How Does the Rent-to-Own/Lease-to-Own Shed Program Work?

At Shed Depot of NC, our lease-to-own shed program is hassle-free. The lease term is 36 months long unless otherwise noted. There’s no lengthy credit check. We just need a three-month security deposit at the time of purchase. Here are some other things to keep in mind:

  • There is no obligation. You can turn in your shed without being penalized as long as it’s in its original condition (with normal wear and tear).
  • You can pay off the term of your lease at any time without penalty.
  • A portion of each monthly payment is a “lease fee”.
  • You can expect your shed to be delivered within 1-3 weeks of ordering. Delivery time will depend on whether you’re getting a display model, custom shed, or built-to-order.
  • Per the North Carolina building code, you will need a permit for your shed if it exceeds 12’. Shed sizes range from 8×8 to 14×36. You can choose the size depending on your needs.
  • No site preparation is required. Simply verify that there is enough room to get the shed from the street to the location on your property where you want it placed. There is an additional charge for leveling over 12″.

Getting a rent-to-own shed at your home is easy with Shed Depot of NC. With hardly any prep work needed and no credit check, all you need to do is pick out the type of shed you want and make your down payment to be on your way to owning a new shed.

Benefits of a Lease-to-Own Shed

Unlike a storage unit where you have to leave your home to get access, a shed is right at your home, making it easy to get your items anytime you want. Plus, you’re not wasting money renting a storage unit that you’ll never own.

With a lease-to-own shed, you are paying towards eventually owning the shed. After 36 months, the shed will be yours to do whatever you want with, unlike a storage unit where you would still be making continuous payments until you no longer need it.

Getting a shed can free up space and help declutter your home. You won’t have to store so many things in your garage, you could actually park your cars in there!

At Shed Depot of NC, we stand by our work with a 5-year warranty on materials, workmanship, and leveling. Many minor damages not covered by the warranty can usually be fixed at cost.

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