moving a portable shed

Why a Portable Shed may be the Best Option

moving a portable shedSo you’ve decided you need a new shed for your backyard.  Planning for your backyard storage shed can be a fun and exciting adventure, but before you can decide on the size, series, look and layout of your shed, you must first think about whether to get your new shed built on-site or delivered pre-built (portable).  Here are a few criteria you must consider when evaluating whether a portable shed is right for you and also a few key benefits of going with a portable shed.

moving a shedThe first and most important consideration is whether the fully assembled shed will be able to get from the road to your desired final site.  There must be an open space to unload your building with a path from the street to your desired shed location. Many companies use a “mule” type shed mover that eliminates the need to drive the truck and trailer through your yard.  You will however, still need a place to unload free of heavy automobile traffic.  There also needs to be clear space in excess of the shed dimensions.  Some obstacles to consider includes your home and shed overhangs, trees, stumps, branches, wiring, septic tanks and fence width.  The “mule” can handle moderate terrain and slopes but be sure to consult with your shed company to ensure proper access and terrain requirements because some companies charge for re-delivery.  You should plan for 3’ of clearance on each side of the building and above the peak to ensure full range when steering your shed into place. There also needs to be 3’-4’ of clearance at each end of the desired final location (minimum) to get the position how you want it.  It’s similar to parallel parking a car.

If having a fully assembled portable shed is an option, the next step is to check on features and options among various portable shed companies to see which best fits your needs.  Some companies have a more standardized product offering, while others are more customizable.  Some portable shed companies can match your home and meet Homeowners Association requirements.  Note to be sure to check out HOA, building and zoning permit requirements.

moving a small shedIf it works for your needs and can be transported where you want it, portable sheds have some great advantages over site-built sheds.

  1. Having a portable shed delivered gives you the chance to move it in the future. This could be either moving it in your yard to another location or to a different address all together if you are moving.
  2. The mule eliminates the necessity to drive the truck in your yard or your neighbor’s yard, making portable sheds quicker to set up (1 – 4 hours typically) and surprisingly less damaging the foot traffic from 1-4 on-site builders that may take 1-2 days to complete the shed.
  3. Portable sheds tend to be a less expensive option than having it built-on-site sheds. Portable sheds are built indoors, free from weather delays and with much less material handling and tool set up.  There is also no need to “wait on paint to dry”, but builders can simply move to the next job.  The result is often lower overall costs for portable sheds than those built on-site.
  4. Portable sheds are built inside, so materials are not exposed to rain and other elements. Builders are not rushed by these same elements as they would be outside, so sheds can be built tighter, truer and with more opportunity for quality inspections.

Whether it’s a portable shed or a site-built shed, we hope this article helps you ask the right questions and make the right decision when you go to buy your next shed.

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